Tonight is the night! The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be announced in proximately ten hours. Here is my final top 26:


I just can’t help but hate this song. I don’t like the way Anja sings it because for me it sounds like screaming. The performance is okay, but towards the end it gets way too dramatic, in my opinion.


This song is so bland to me. There’s nothing going on, and the performance makes it even worse with those grey colors, I don’t get what they were trying to do. It doesn’t look fun, it’s just a very boring performance and song.


She’s a great singer, but the song isn’t my type of song. I don’t really like that style with those dramatic sounds. I like how she sings it, though. Her voice really suits the song but the overall package is under average for me.


Same as with Poland. His voice is great and I like watching him but the song doesn’t move me at all. I don’t really like the projections of his face, I think that’s a bit cheap and without an actual message.


At first, I quite liked this song because it was different and I can appreciate rock songs. But the live performance isn’t impressing at all. I don’t even like his live vocals, to be honest. There’s just something wrong with the entire thing.


I have to admit that this was better than I expected it to be. The performance looks very classy and clever so that’s a positive thing. Too bad, because I still think the song is so cheap. It has no message and the part where she sings ‘this is love’ still makes me cringe.


This song actually isn’t that bad. I like the vibe, and the Spanish parts are great. It’s the chorus, that’s the bad thing about the song. And the fact that his vocals aren’t great. I think the performance itself looks very nice, it really gives a good vibe but it doesn’t save the song.


For me this is like the male version of Greece. The song isn’t that great as well, neither are his live vocals. But the performance and staging makes it look decent. I really think his vocals were good in the second semi-final, except for the part where he sings ‘I feel alive’.


Unfortunately I have to put Belgium in this place. I still like the song, I just think that the performance is so boring. She’s not nice to look at on stage, she doesn’t really do anything besides standing there and lifting her hands up at some point. I just think they could have done a lot more with this performance. Her vocals were okay, in the beginning it was actually very good but as the song goes on it gets a bit weaker.


I really like this song in the studio version. On stage, it doesn’t really get to me. I think the act is very memorable and clever, but it’s not that nice too look at. It’s very dark, which suits the song, but it gives me a weird feeling. It’s not happy and Eurovision normally makes me happy.


This song is great in the studio version and I also liked the performance in the national final. In the semi-final, it wasn’t that impressing to me. I kind of got annoying towards the end. I don’t really know what happened. But I still like the song because it’s something different. The performance was energetic, though, so that’s a good thing.


I know that this song will end up much higher than 15th place but I never really loved the song. It’s a nice song, with a lot of fun elements in it but it’s a bit too much for me. The performance is funny and happy as well but I don’t really get the entire picture of what’s going on.


I can’t help but like this song. Actually, it’s not exactly the song that I like, it’s Jacques. I’m intrigued by him, by his vocals, by what he does on stage. I think it’s something extremely memorable and it could do well with the juries.


This performance disappointed me a lot. Even to the point that I didn’t really want Norway to qualify anymore. I think the visuals were way too busy for me. But I still very much enjoy the song so that’s why Norway is in 13th place right now.


Everything about France this year is good but not great. I like the song, I like her vocals and the performance/staging looks very nice as well. It’s just not amazing, there was room for improvement. And unfortunately they haven’t made big changes so that’s why France is in 12th place.


This song never really moved me or got to me. It still doesn’t to be honest but I like it a lot more now. I think it’s a very nice song and his vocals are really impressive. I just don’t think of this as a winner.


My favourite part of this song is towards the end where they lift their hands up and it’s like an anthem. I really love that part of the song. The rest is okay, but I’m mainly putting them in my top 10 because I like their vocals.


I never thought that I would put Italy in my top 10. The song has grown on me, to the point that I actually like it right now. It’s a fun song, that has a message and that’s something special. I still think this song has a big chance at winning the entire thing. I wouldn’t be mad if it did because I understand why people would vote for it. I actually think that Italy will win the televoting part of the votes.


The first part of the performance, where he sits on that moon, has really moved me. That’s why Austria is my number 8. I think the song is very sweet and his vocals are quite good as well. This won’t do great in the final, in my opinion. I just don’t think people will see this as their absolute favourite.


This song really gives me mixed feelings. I loved the studio version and especially the music video. Then I was disappointed with the performance because I was expecting something like the video, which it wasn’t. And right now Armenia is in 7th place. I still very much like the song, the performance could be so much better but it’s still decent. It is a nice Eurovision-song and very suitable for this year’s theme.


I still think she’s an amazing singer. It’s like she believes everything she’s singing. She’s a great performer and the staging looks very expensive and nice. I think the United Kingdom has the overall package this year. I don’t see this ending in the top 5, but it definitely deserves a top 10 placing.


I really liked the performance in the first semi-final. There was something going on, and that’s what I like and want to see. This song probably won’t do great in the final but I still think it’s a nice song. His vocals really impressed me as well.


This song has the most clever performances of all the songs. It’s very memorable and a lot of fun to watch. His vocals are great too and I love the song itself. I just don’t think this is a winner. I can’t imagine Sweden winning again. It has to be in the top 5 and maybe even top 3 but I don’t think this will win.


I’ve always had a weak spot for this song and that hasn’t changed. I think it’s so much fun to watch and also nice to listen to. I don’t know if it’s better than in 2010, but I do expect a better placing for them. I think their popularity will really help them a long way.


Going into the semi-finals, I wasn’t really convinced anymore by this song. But I must say that the performance really got to me. I think it was one of the best of that evening. Hungary really is celebrating diversity. I love the staging and the use of color, that suits the song so well. I hope it’s top 10 for Hungary this year.


As you already expected, Portugal is still my number 1. I can’t even describe how much this song moves me. And the performance is even more emotional. I really believe every single word he’s singing and his gestures makes it even more endearing and sweet to watch. I don’t know how everything will work out tonight. Portugal is the bookmakers’ favourite to win right now. I don’t really know what to think about that. I mean, it’s nice that they acknowledge his talent but it’s also very dangerous to be a favourite. But we’ll see how everything will fall into place. I know I’m voting for Portugal tonight. And I hope my vote makes a difference for him because this is a true winner.