Salvador Sobral has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 for Portugal with the song Amar Pelos Dois. He won with 768 points, 143 points more than second place Bulgaria. Moldova ended in 3rd place. Salvador Sobral gave Portugal its first victory.

For the reprise of his song, his sister Luísa, who is also the composer of the song, joined him on stage.

I can’t even explain how happy I am with Portugal winning this contest. I really feel like people understood his message and what he was trying to do with the song. As he said during the show, music should be about feelings and this song certainly was about feelings. I think everyone was moved by this performance and by him as a person. The fact that he asked his sister to sing the song with him, shows that the music is the most important thing for him. He doesn’t care about the entire show or about entertainment. She was just there to sing a song. And I’m so happy that people got that. I’m really looking forward to Eurovision 2018 but for now I’ll just enjoy Amar Pelos Dois.