Today I’m giving my first impression of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and its contestants. This edition will be the fifteenth of the competition. It’s hosted by Georgia at the Olympic Palaca in Tbilisi. This year’s theme is ‘Shine Bright’. Sixteen countries will participate.

Albania: Ana Kodra – Don’t Touch My Tree

This is a nice song, it’s very sweet. I don’t really get the message behind it, it’s a bit weird to sing about a tree. So I think this won’t do great at JESC. But overall it’s an okay song. 5/10

Armenia: Misha – Boomerang

I don’t really like this song. The melody keeps repeating itself and the lyrics are constantly the same. The ending doesn’t impress me either. 4/10

Australia: Isabella Clarke – Speak Up

I really hate this type of over the top happy song. But for JESC it’s very suitable. I wonder what she will do on stage because in the clip it looks great with all the dancers, so I’m excited to see how that will work out. I do think people will like this song. 6/10

Belarus: Helena Meraai – I Am the One

This is a great song but way too mature for JESC. You can’t compare Helena to a 10-year-old singer, although she’s only fourteen herself. I think this is very modern and exciting for the competition. But I don’t think teenagers will like this, so it probably won’t win. 7/10

Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – I Wanna Be A Star

This is a nice song, she’s not the best singer though. I think this won’t do great, it’s too forgettable when compared to other songs. Nothing special. 6/10

Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – Voice Of The Heart

I really like the feeling and vibe of this song. I don’t think teenagers will appreciate this but I definitely do. It’s very 90’s with great vocals. Good song! 8/10

Ireland: Muireann McDonnell – Súile Glasa

I like the language, but that’s about the only thing. I mean, she’s a good singer but the song itself doesn’t move me at all. It’s too ordinary. 4/10

Italy: Maria Iside Fiore – Scelgo (My Choice)

Again, a good singer but a forgettable song. It also has a weird tempo, it’s not a ballad but you can’t dance to the song either. 4/10

Macedonia: Mina Blažev – Dancing Through Life

Similar to the Belarusian song, it’s very mature. But I think this song is more approachable for teenagers. It’s not my style but overall an okay song. 6/10

Malta: Gianluca Cilia – Dawra Tond

I think this is very nice, it’s catchy and fun. I don’t know how his live vocals will work out but I feel like it won’t be that important. The performance will probably be enough to convince the audience. Nice song with great potential. 7/10

The Netherlands: Fource – Love Me

I don’t know what to think about this song. It has a great beat and the vocals are okay, but the lyrics are ridiculous. I can’t take this song serious, it’s just too funny. 6/10

Poland: Alicja Rega – Mój Dom

This is very unoriginal. Every year, there’s a ballad like this one. She’s a great singer, no doubt about that but I’m so over this type of song and I think JESC is as well. 4/10

Portugal: Mariana Venâncio – Youtuber

This is an okay song. I really like her voice, it appeals to me, but the song itself is a bit boring. It has some funky elements in it but it just dissapoints overall. 5/10

Russia: Polina Bogusevich – Wings

I don’t like dramatic songs at all and this song is especially annoying to me. I get that she’s a great singer but she doesn’t have to scream all the time to prove that. Most of the time, the vocals are just irritating. 4/10

Serbia: Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović – Ceo svet je naš

I’ve read a lot of bad comments about this song but I don’t really get that. There are worse songs than this one. I think their little act makes it memorable as well. For me it’s very suitable for JESC, but it would have been received better a few years ago. 5/10

Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska – Don’t Stop

I don’t particularly like the song but I have a great feeling about it. It’s very appropriate for JESC and for 2017. This could end up very high in the ranking. 5/10