On the 29th of January, Czech Republic will announce their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Six songs are still in the running for the ticket to Lisbon.

Debbi with High on Love

This is a very forgettable song. It’s not very fresh either, it feels like a song from the mid 2000’s that got a revamp. Don’t really mind her vocals, although I haven’t heard it live yet. Not the best choice for Czech Republic, in my opinion. 5/10

Doctor Victor with Stand Up

I’m always fond of rock songs at Eurovision. Doctor Victor gives Czech Republic a decent option in the rock section. The song itself isn’t that bad, but it misses a sparkle to fit with the rest of the Eurovision Song Contest. The first two minutes are actually quite boring, with few change of melody. The guitar solo towards the end of the song is great but more suitable for an 80’s medley than for Eurovision. 6/10

Eddie Stoilow with We Rule This World

This song sounds so familiar to me. During the entire song I was waiting for something big to happen but it just didn’t. That makes the song quite bland and a bit boring. The song is supposed to have a message but because of the melody Eddie doesn’t manage to make me listen to what he’s actually singing. 5/10

Eva Burešová with Fly

This is a very interesting song and it’s almost Kasia Moś 2.0. It would have great potential for stage design, if her live vocals are similar to the studio version. I think this could do great with juries, since it’s a song that really highlights the singer’s vocal range. 7/10

Mikolas Josef with Lie to Me

So this is the song to beat. Mikolas already won the jury votes and will probably also win the televotes. I get why this song is popular, it’s fun and very catchy. But I’m afraid of how this will work out live. I wonder how his voice will sound like, the song is very fast and the lyrics are more rapped than sung. On top of that, the lyrics are too vulgar in my opinion. He tries to be sexual so hard that it becomes cringy. Big chance of winning, but that could be a mistake. 7/10

Pavel Callta with Never Forget

A sweet and cute song but too small for Eurovision. Overall there’s not much happening with this song. The vocals are okay, although his pronunciation isn’t great. The song is called Never Forget but unfortunately I will forget about this song. 6/10