Denmark will choose its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on the 10th of February.  The winning song will be chosen by a combination of jury votes and public votes. Ten contestants are still in the running to represent Denmark at the contest. Here are my thoughts about the ten songs.

Ditte Marie with Riot

This song at the Eurovision Song Contest would be very similar to last year’s song in my opinion. I think the song is very basic and not original at all. I predict that the chorus will be screamed instead of sung, and that’s a thing I just hate. Ditte Marie already particiapted in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix back in 2012 and I have to say that Riot sounds like a song that could have worked in 2012, but it won’t in 2018. 4/10

Anna Ritsmar with Starlight

This song is very cute and rather small, probably too small for Eurovision. I think her voice is nice, but I wonder how it will sound like live since it can seem a bit childish sometimes. The song and the vocals sound very innocent and I’m not convinced that innocent is the thing Denmark needs. The song isn’t bad, but won’t work on a big stage. 5/10

Rasmussen with Higher Ground

I immediately turned up my volume for this song. I’m really impressed and I didn’t expect a song like this at all. It is very typical for Denmark in some way, but I thought that Denmark had left this theme behind them. It has such a strong melody and sounds like an anthem for vikings. I really like it and the staging could work out great, the song is very grand and that’s what a big stage needs. 7/10

Sannie with Boys on Girls

Sannie is actually the 90’s singer Whigfield and that isn’t a surprise for me since the song is very 90’s. I don’t really like the song, it’s very repetitive. Some could say that it’s catchy but I don’t agree. It does sound very fresh, but I just wonder what performance this song will have. 5/10

Sandra with Angels to my Battlefield

This song has very clear Eurovision elements that could make the song work. I don’t hate it, but it just doesn’t grab me. The song is a bit dull, but I must say that a good staging could make it a lot better. The thing that this song really misses is a particular sentence to sing along to. A good Eurovision song needs a clear title that keeps coming back. 5/10

Lasse Meling with Unfound

This song is very 2018 but I’m so sick of these songs already. It seems like every national selection has a young guy singing a song that’s very similar to this one. These songs all have the same thing in common, it are radio songs. This song couldn’t work at a big stage. The song doesn’t have enough elements that could lead to a successful performance. 4/10

CARLSEN with Standing Up For Love

This could have been the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2002, it really has that typical sound from back then. The song is nice, but very outdated. I do like the message of the song and the lyrics are cheesy but sweet. I am a fan of groups and the vocals are quite good. But I don’t think this would be the best choice for Denmark, since the song isn’t modern at all. 5/10

KARUI with Signals

This song has a very interesting melody but I’m afraid that people won’t appreciate this on a first listen. The song would work better with a male voice in my opinion. A female voice makes a bit whiny because of the higher notes, those don’t seem to work with the melody in my opinion. It also very forgettable. 4/10

Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe with Holder fast i ingenting

I’m very happy someone sings in the Danish language, I think that’s just a thing Eurovision needs more of. The song on the other hand sounds very English and international. It’s like the language doesn’t match the melody. I don’t really like the song, a song in a native language should have more etnic sounds in my opinion. 5/10

Albin Fredy with Music for the Road

This sounds like a song from a few years ago. I do like his voice very much, I just wish he had sung a different song. Not that it’s bad but it feels a bit unoriginal. That sound isn’t new anymore. The whistle part is pretty great and that always works at Eurovision in my opinion. But overall the song lacks too much to be successful at the contest. 5/10