SuRie has won Eurovision: You Decide and will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Her song Storm was chosen by a combination of jury votes and televotes. The British singer previously was a backing for the Belgian contestants Loïc Nottet (ESC 2015) and Blanche (ESC 2017).

I wasn’t expecting this before the show, but as the evening went on it was clear that SuRie was the absolute favourite to win. I still think that the song is very suitable for Eurovision, it has a message and a catchy chorus. Apart from that, the song doesn’t really move me. The performance was quite disappointing since very few things happened on stage. I don’t think this will be a hit on Eurovision, since the song doesn’t contain enough memorable elements. I hope the performance will improve. The song isn’t that upbeat that you would dance to it, but it does need some movements on stage. Standing there doesn’t work at all. Her live vocals towards the end of the song were on the edge of screaming, so I wasn’t impressed with that either. 5/10