Alekseev has won the Belarusian national selection and will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. His song Forever received the maximum of 12 points from the jury vote as from the televotes.

Alekseev as the representative for Belarus, not a big surprise to be honest. The song is very catchy, the last few days I had it stuck in my head the entire time. The chorus is just  very good, it’s a typical Eurovision song and will definitely become unforgettable. Obviously, the live performance of the song can’t be compared to the studio version. I have to say that the comments about his live version were rather negative, but I thought that it actually wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t as impressive as in the studio version and needs improvements, but it’s not disastrous. What really bothered me was the staging. The effects with the lights make him disappear in the background. He doesn’t stand out at all. And the idea in itself isn’t original anymore. I really hope that they will change this because it looks cheap. There is another performance of this song where Alekseev is flying around on stage, with a cubicle pattern on the background. That performance with a decent live is winner material. I hope the Belarusian team will realize that. 7/10