Montevizija 2018 is the national selection from Montenegro and will decide the representative for the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. The national final will be held tonight and will choose the winner out of five entries. Here are my thoughts about those entries:

There are only snippets of the songs availabe.

Nina Petković with Dišem

This song sounds very upbeat, a dance song. It has a recognizable melody and has the potential of becoming a catchy song. I don’t know if the native language is the best choice for this type of song. 5/10

Katarina Bogićević with Neželjena

This is a very recognizable song, it’s not the first song I hear with that melody. The language does fit with this song and her vocals are quite suitable as well. 6/10

Vanja Radovanović with Inje

This song has a more suitable melody and vibe for the Montenegrin language. It’s very theatrical and big, which I like. I also like the male voice. I just don’t think that this song is as catchy as the previous songs. 5/10

Lorena Janković with Dušu mi daj

This is a typical ballad. And I just don’t like ballads, because they are so dramatic and the singing usually turns to screaming. I’m afraid that this song isn’t going to be an exception. 4/10

Ivana Popović Martinović with Poljupci

Ivana has a more mature voice, which I really appreciate. I just think that the song is too boring for Eurovision. A snippet is normally a great part of the song, but this one doesn’t impress me enough. 4/10