Vanja Radovanović has won Montevizija and will represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. His song Inje won from four other songs.

I didn’t really expect this song to win Montevizija but I’m actually glad it did. The song is very Eurovision, it’s a ballad but it’s a big one. The song will definitely have a powerful performance. I quite like the song. I really like the use of native language, that gives it the magic it needs. I just think that it needs more memorable elements in it. The song is exactly what I expect from a country like Montenegro. It stays close to the culture of the country and I really appreciate that. The live vocals were perfect, nothing bad to say about that. And his outfit was on point as well. I really think that this song could be great, with the right staging. It needs something memorable, but the song should be the thing that stands out. 6/10