Tonight, Moldova will choose its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Sixteen song are competing to be the winner of O melodie pentru Europa 2018. Here are my three favourite songs of the evening:

DoReDos with My Lucky Day

I was a fan of their entry for the national selection back in 2016 and I have to say that this song is even better. I really think that a lot of countries would vote for this song. It’s a nice song, with some etnic elements in it. But the tricky thing with this song will be the staging. They really need something memorable and something that makes everyone want to join in. The song has this great rhythm already and a nice performance would only make it better. 7/10

Nicoleta Sava with Esencia del Sur

Very nice song, with definite support and fans from Spain. I really like this type of music, it makes you want to go to another country. And for me, that’s what Eurovision is all about. Different countries all doing something completely different on a big stage. The castanets are amazing. I really think that this song could be a massive summer hit. I do think that it could only work at Eurovision with an energetic performance. But it’s a very good song. 7/10

Doinița Gherman with Dance in Flames

I feel like my three favourite songs sound a bit like each other. But I just can’t help it, I really love this type of music. This song is very rhythmic and makes me want to move. I think that the biggest challenge will be to make it look interesting on stage. It’s a bit slower than the other two songs and I really think that just standing there will ruin this song completely. So I hope that Moldova will have a clever staging. 6/10