Tonight, Latvia will choose its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Eight songs will compete in the big final of Supernova 2018. The winner will be chosen by a combination of jury votes and public votes. Here are my thoughts about the eight songs:

Sudden Lights with Just Fine

This song has something dark about it, but I quite like it. The first minute is just amazing. Those sounds give me goosebumps and his voice really suits the whole thing. I also like the performance and staging. Really nice! 6/10

Ritvars with Who’s Counting?

I do get this song, although it’s a bit weird. I just think that it takes too long for it to become good enough. The song is very special but in a weird way it’s too simple for the Eurovision Song Contest. 4/10

MADARA with Esamība

This is very special, and I would love to see something like this at Eurovision. And I say something like this, so not this. The music is very beautiful and I like the feeling of the song but her vocals aren’t good enough and I don’t like listening to her either. I just think that a deeper voice would have suited the song more. 5/10

Liene Greifane with Walk the Talk

This song is very cheap and the lyrics are even worse. It’s quite fun but not for 2018, it’s like something from the 90’s. This would never qualify to the final at Eurovision. And I don’t get what she’s wearing either, I would have expected something more glamorous. 2/10

Lauris Valters with Lovers Bliss

I like his energy and his look really suits the song. But that song is so outdated, it would have been perfect in 2004 but not in 2018. The vibe of the song is quite nice but again, nothing original or new. 4/10

Edgars Kreilis with Younger Days

First of all, that look is so stolen from Tooji (ESC 2012). I don’t really like the song, it has a nice melody with electronic sounds. But the lyrics are just bad and his live vocals aren’t great either. Actually, the more I look at him, the more I start hating the song. 4/10

Laura Rizzotto with Funny Girl

I really like her voice, because she has such a clear sound. She doesn’t have to shout to top the music. The melody isn’t that original, I’ve certainly heard similar things. But the song is alright. I just think that this will need a completely different staging and performance to make it stand out at Eurovision. She needs a different dress as well. I hope they will make changes it needs and then it could be very powerful. 5/10

Markus Riva with This Time

I don’t like his voice at all. And the song doesn’t impress me either. The staging is quite nice, though. But I don’t get why he’s wearing a suit, the song is quite upbeat. And on the other hand, him dancing wouldn’t make sense either so this is a very weird song. 3/10