AWS has won A Dal 2018 and will represent Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Their song Viszlát nyár was declared the winner of the competition during a second round of public voting. The first round consisted of jury votes. AWS received 8 points from the juries.

I’m not very happy with this winner for Hungary. It’s not that I hate the song, or anything like that. But I just think that there were better options for Hungary that would have resulted in a better place at the Eurovision Song Contest. I think it’s nice that Hungary brings something different to the contest. This song will definitely stand out and make an impact. But this just isn’t my type of music. I would never listen to this song and I would never vote for this either. I expect this to qualify nevertheless because rock fans will only have this song as an option. I just think that it’s weird that the juries have this song as their fourth choice, and the televoters choose this as the winner. It makes me wonder why there even are juries, since their opinion is so different. I have to say that I shared the juries’ opinion that night and I would have opted for a different winner. 4/10