Tonight, Estonia will choose its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Ten songs will compete in the final of Eesti Laul 2018. Here are my thoughts about the songs:

Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing feat. Wateva with Young

Very nice pop song, with a catchy tune. I liked his song from last year better, when he sang with Maian. I had a better feeling about that one. But this song isn’t that different at all, it’s the same genre. The performance just isn’t that interesting, which makes me think that the song is more suitable for the radio. 6/10

Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar with Sky

This song is very sweet with great vocals, but it’s also very 2008. So unfortunately, not that great overall. The staging is actually quite nice and the colors are perfect but it’s just not new or special enough. 5/10

Nika with Knock Knock

I really like the part where she sings ‘I’m done, done, done, done’. That’s a very catchy part, and I think it’s the chorus but it’s odd since it’s so short. The rest of the song is a bit weird as well. There’s so much going on. Her live vocals don’t really impress me, the song is very strong and powerful and her vocals just aren’t. Not the best choice for Estonia. 5/10

Sibyl Vane with Thousand Words

The song is very approachable and easy. But it’s also very repetitive. I don’t have anything bad to say about her vocals or the performance. I just think that this song is too ordinary, it doesn’t stand out at all. And although it has a catchy tune, this is not the song you remember after 20 songs. 4/10

Stig Rästa with Home

I really like Stig as an artist and I would love to see him at Eurovision again. But I don’t think that this song will be the one. The song is very sweet and charming but it’s just too simple for Eurovision. It also kind of remembers me of Playing With Numbers (ESC 2015). I really think that Stig needs a classy song like Goodbye to Yesterday (ESC 2015) and Play (ESC 2016), that’s the perfect style for him! 5/10

Vajé with Laura (Walk With Me)

I believe that the song is quite nice, but the performance makes it look so boring. His vocals are very bad, because he’s so nervous. The think with the arms of the girl is original but it’s not executed well. It’s looks a bit messy. The part where she dances is nice, she brings something interesting to the stage. But he just stands and sits there doing nothing. I would listen to the song again, but I don’t want to watch the performance again. 5/10

Elina Nechayeva with La Forza

The song definitely is great, in it’s own genre. But if that genre is the best for Eurovision, I’m not so sure. The live vocals are perfect, but that’s not a surprise. I just don’t get the right feeling with this song. It’s certainly special and will stand out, but I don’t think that this is the best choice for the contest. You can’t compare other songs to this one, since it’s so different. Alos, the dress thing has been done before. I know that there’s a big chance for this song to win Eesti Laul, but I won’t vote for Estonia if that’s the case. 5/10

Frankie Animal with (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty

I really hate how this was filmed. Maybe they wanted the performance to look misty as well, but that just annoys me. And it makes me hate the song as well. The guitar solo is extremely bad. Her voice is quite special and pleasant, but the song ruins everything. 3/10

Iiris & Agoh with Drop That Boogie

I quite like the song, it’s very catchy and has the right vibe. But what is she wearing, those glasses are just stupid. Why the dancers wear those masks isn’t clear to me either. Her voica is very unique and I have to say that I like listening to her. There’s just something big missing to make it a good song for Eurovision. 6/10

Evestus with Welcome to My World

Well, this is weird. I’m so distracted by what’s going on, that I can’t properly listen to the song. The fact that this song is so short, makes it even weirder. Is this song meant to be serious, or just a plain troll act. I don’t really get it. But either way, it’s very bad. 2/10