The song that will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be chosen tonight. The song will be performed by Saara Aalto, who has internally been chosen to represent the country. The three songs have been released in the month of February. Here are my thoughts about the songs:

First of all I want to say that I’m very happy with Saara Aalto as the representative for Finland. I still think that she should have won UMK in 2016 because her song was so good. Since then, I’ve really become a fan of her work and I think she’s a great artist.


Very good song, with an international sound. I really think that this song is suitable for Eurovision. It makes me think of Poli Genova, and that’s always a good thing. I’m convinced that this song could qualify, but it needs the perfect staging that suits the song. But even with a weaker performance, it still has a lot of qualities to be a popular song. The chorus is very catchy and memorable and the melody is nice as well. Great song! 7/10


Again, a good song but not as catchy as the previous one. The song has been composed in a very clever way. It has a sound that’s very approachable and memorable. I think that there are few people who dislike this song and that’s a massive quality. I think this song shows her vocal ability more than Monsters, but that’s not Always the most important thing about singing. 6/10


I’m very impressed with all these songs since all three of them are great. All these songs are suitable for Eurovision and worthy of being in the top 10. I think this song has the most original sound, but I like it the least. I also think that this song would be the most difficult to stage well. But there actually are confirmed entries that are a lot worse than this song, so it’s definitely not a bad song. 5/10