Saara Aalto will sing Monsters at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Saara Aalto had been internally chosen to represent Finland. Three songs were performed by her last night, and the winning song was chosen by a combination of jury votes and televotes. Monsters won with 183 points.

I’m really happy with this song as the winner. I think this song was the most suitable one for Eurovision. Her vocals were great, so nothing bad to say about that. I just think that the performance needs changes. I wouldn’t have chosen for neon lights with this song. The song should have a darker performance, with sublte lighting towards the end of the song. The costumes of the dancers are much better, and really suit the theme of monsters. The cape from the beginning of the performance isn’t a good choice either. But at least, the performance wasn’t boring. There were a lot of things happening on stage, and that’s what the song needs. So, a very good song from Finland this year! 7/10