Cláudia Pascoal has won Festival da Canção 2018 and will represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Her song O jardim received 10 points from the jury and 12 points from the televoters. Catarina Miranda had a total of 22 points as well, but Cláudia had the higher televoting rank and therefore was declared the winner.  

I think it’s remarkable that Portugal chooses for another slow emotional song. I don’t get the same feelings as I did with Salvador last year, but the song isn’t bad. I just don’t have that right Eurovision feeling about it. Maybe that’s because I can’t really see the right staging yet. But it definitely has potential, it just not going to be a winner. But it does have something recognizable, which is a rather positive aspect with this type of music. Because it really needs a memorable element to make the entire performance stand out. I think that this song won’t be the one you remember after listening to 26 songs. But it’s still a long road until the final, so I hope to see some changes then. 5/10