Laura Groeseneken, also known as Sennek, had already been internally chosen to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in November. Her song A Matter Of Time has been released today.

Belgium is my own country and I’m never the biggest fan of the Belgian entries, just because I’m more sceptical of them. And I have to say that this song won’t be any different, because I don’t get the right vibe from it. The song isn’t bad at all and she’s a good singer as well but there are a lot of things missing for me. First of all, her stage presence. I haven’t seen her perform this song live but it has this weird tempo where dancing would be weird. And standing still would just look stupid too. So, this type of song really needs someone who’s confident on stage and I don’t think that Laura is. My second problem with the song centers around that weird tempo. What will the performance look like? I think everyone agrees with me that Blanche last year didn’t have an interesting performance at all, and her song was way better than A Matter Of Time. I mean, I don’t want to hate on this song because it’s not even a bad song. It’s nice, but it’s not good enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest. I think a lot of my concerns about this song will disappear after I’ve seen her rehearsals, when everything will have come together. But for now, I’m not blown away by the song at all. 5/10