Equinox will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song Bones. Thirteen songs competed to represent Bulgaria and were evaluated by several voting groups. The winner was chosen on the 31th of January, but it was only announced today.

I think I expected a bit more from Bulgaria, but it’s still a decent song. The song has a darker feel. The chorus is very different from the rest of the song and really stands out, which is a good thing. It makes the song more memorable. I quite like the song to be honest. I like listening to multiple voices, and I hope that the live version of that won’t disappoint me. But most of all, I’m very excited to see the staging for this song. Because, with the right staging this could really make an impact. I just hope they won’t choose for the typical band staging, with all the instruments on stage. The song needs something more mysterious. 6/10