Julia Samoylova will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song I Won’t Break. In 2017 she was meant to represent Russia, but because of a ban she wasn’t allowed to enter Ukraine. Russia withdrew from the contest for that reason. But Julia is back to represent her country this year.

I don’t know about this one. I think it’s nice that she gets a second chance after all the controversy of last year. In 2017 I felt like Russia tried to draw the sympathy card after the victory of Ukraine in 2016. And I didn’t appreciate that last year. But the fact that they return with Julia this year, makes up for it a bit. I think she’s a nice girl and deserves this chance. I just don’t like her as an artist, and this still is a singing contest. I don’t think that she should win just because of her disability. And you have to be honest, her vocals aren’t perfect. The song isn’t bad at all. I just think it’s hard to look past the reputation and history of Russia in this contest. The song is nice, but doesn’t deserve to qualify in my opinion. 4/10