Lena won in 2010 for Germany with her song Satellite. Azerbaijan won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with the song Running Scared, performed by Ell & Nikki. In 2012 Sweden won the competition with the song Euphoria, sung by... Continue Reading →


In 2000 The Olsen Brothers won the Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark with their song Fly on the wings of love. Estonia won in 2001 with the song Everybody performed by Tanel Padar & Dave Benton. Marie N won in... Continue Reading →


Italy won in 1990 with the song Insieme 1992, sung by Toto Cutugno. Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. Carola won with the song Fångad av en stormvind. In 1992 Linda Martin won for Ireland with Why me?.... Continue Reading →


Johnny Logan won in 1980 for Ireland with the song What's another year. In 1981 Bucks Fizz won for The United Kingdom with Making your mind up. German singer Nicole won in 1982 with the song Ein bißchen Frieden. In... Continue Reading →


In 1970 Dana won with the song All kinds of everything for Ireland. Séverine was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971. Her song was called Un banc, un arbre, une rue. She won for Monaco. In 1972... Continue Reading →


The first edition of the 1960's was won by France. Jacqueline Boyer scored most points with her song Tom Pillibi. Jean-Claude Pascal won for Luxembourg in 1961 with the song Nous les amoureux. France won for the third time in... Continue Reading →


The first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 was Lys Assia with the song Refrain. She won for the hosting country Switzerland. In 1957 the Dutch singer Corry Brokken won with the song Net als toen. André Claveau... Continue Reading →

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